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The benefits of yoga:

  • works on body alignment.
    Better posture every day
    and a spinal stretch.

  • makes it possible to become more flexible, to gain in confidence, in concentration
    and relieve stress.

  • develop energies.

  • master the thought and the mind through breath and meditation
    during poses.

  • helps you stay young and alert longer.

The different yoga that I offer:

  • NOTatha (or hatha yoga) :stretching is passive.

    It's atraditional yogawhich takes into account all the dimensions
    of the'To be human.

    The objective is toto clean,maintainand ofput in powerthe human being (physical, energy and mental) by means of:

    postures (asanas),
    breathing (pranayama),
    gestures (mudras),
    contractions (bandhas),
    of concentrations (dharana),
    meditations (dhyana),
    geometric figures (yantra) in the chakras,
    sound formulas (mantras).

    We take the time to integrate by observing the different sensations between each exercise.


Perfect for beginners.

  • Yoga Vinyasa : Stretch is active.

    The movements followactivelyfrom'
    a movement
    base (transitions).

    From this pose,the practitioneris led to simpler or more intense postures depending on his level.

    It is often associated withgym. It combines sport, breathing and meditation.
    It is necessary to have a good physical condition for this type of yoga.

  • gentle yoga : the stretch is passive and gentle.


Each stretching posture lastsabout 2 minutesWe realizethe frequency of his heartbeat and his pleasant or less pleasant sensations to better release them.


Perfect for beginners.

  • Chair Yoga (Hatha or Vinyasa)

  • Yoga with different materials: ball, strap, blocks...


It is the alliance of Yoga (Hatha or Vinyasa) and Pilates.

The benefits of Pilates:

  • improves muscle tone

  • encourages centering, correctness and coordination

  • improves breathing while balancing muscle asymmetries, thus helping to balance the silhouette

  • improves balance

  • helps to gain flexibility

I offer sessions for all levels as well as  :

  • chair sessions

  • with small equipment

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